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Roof Repair / Replace - Billerica, MA

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Snapshot:  Roof Replace Billerica, Massachusetts

GAF shingles with zinc strips to prevent algae and moss buildup. The homeowners were delighted with the finished product and they will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Roof in Billerica, MA:  GAF shingles with zinc strips to prevent algae and moss buildup.

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Roofs by Quinn's Construction in Billerica, Massachusetts


Protect roofs with Shingle Shield Zinc strips. How for new roofs or roofs presently clean of fungus, moss or algae growth, Shingle Shield has developed a 100% Zinc roof protection product which will inhibit growth of mildew, lichens, moss, fungus and algae on roof surfaces. This vegetation will otherwise “eat your roof for lunch.”
Rain flows over the Shingle Shield Zinc Strips and naturally releases harmless fungistatic molecules of zinc oxide which travel evenly down the roof slope . These molecules are retained by the roof surface and inhibit the growth of all vegetation.



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